Affinity Mentorship Foundation

Affinity Mentorship Foundation is a charitable society, which empowers young persons, who have been incarcerated, to develop relationships and community involvement by intentionally matching them with community mentors.

Thriving youth belonging and contributing to safe communities.

Our Values
Respect & Advocacy. Accountability & Transparency. Equality & Inclusiveness.
Living life to the Fullest!

Albert Trieschman

"The most important observation you can make is when you become
a glimmer in the child’s eyes and he becomes a glimmer in yours."



What We Do and Where We Are Going.

We are in the midst of establishing and operating a mentorship society to connect young persons, who have been incarcerated, to the community. This process will lead us down three paths: a mentorship program, a community centre and a housing program.

Our Mentorship Program:

This program will offer support to young persons who are involved with the justice system in an effort to reduce recidivism rates. The start of AMF is youth-focused through mentorship, natural supports and community programs. Our goal is to reintegrate youth back into society with resources, supports and opportunities for youth to feel a sense of belonging and control within their lives. Staff and volunteer mentors will provide one-on-one support involving advocacy, goal setting, teaching/modeling basic life skills, inclusion within community programs and community referrals.

Our Future Community Centre:

The long-term goal of this organization is to run a large centre for the participants and volunteers to attend and be involved in, as members within a successful social community. The purpose of this centre is to provide a safe community for all involved in the organization. It will ultimately provide all participants with a community where they belong and receive services based on their needs, such as recreational, clinical, social, mental, cultural and so on. This will allow for participants to attend comfortably and receive voluntary services without the intimidation of entering a regular clinic and/or professional centre. Some areas of concentration within the centre will include: recreational facilities, such as a gymnasium and dance studio; day care centre; kitchen; lounging area (coffee zone) for socializing, reading and artistic/musical events; educational spaces for various classes offered to the participants based on needs and wants; and clinical areas for counseling and various other health practitioners. The hope is that participants will feel comfortable to enter and receive a holistic experience, and come out wanting to volunteer and/or become healthier members within the larger community. This community centre will be developed to suit the needs of our youth within Calgary and the surrounding area.

Our Future Housing Program:

In the future, the organization will introduce a housing program to support youth in developing the life skills needed in order to be active members within their communities. The goal will be to facilitate a multi-level housing program, with on-site staff, which allows youth to move through levels of competency to achieve overall success within the house and community.

Dr. Martin Brokenleg

"The most potent behavioural influence that an adult can have in the life of a child comes when an attachment has been formed.
Adults who fear that strong relationships will lessen their authority and influence with youth are misinformed.”



The Founders Behind the Vision.

Justina GendyJustina Gendy, BA: Criminal Justice

I was born and raised here in Calgary, Alberta. I finished my undergrad at Mount Royal University with a BA in Criminal Justice. I am extremely passionate about youth and share an almost, if not completely, equal passion for the Justice System. I have worked with youth in various capacities over the last 7 years and have loved every single moment! I wanted to be a part of AMF because I want to be a part of something revolutionary for our youth. I want to see something fresh and new being done with our youth within the Justice System. I am so excited to be a part of this organization and to see what comes of it!


amf-9162_bwNicarla Ellis, BA: Psychology & Criminology

I am originally from Labrador City, NL and moved to Calgary in 2011 to be near the mountains. I am a compassionate and energetic being, and have been described by my peers as a go-getter. My educational background is in psychology and criminology and I have several years of experience working with young people from many paths of life. I felt driven to create something different for young people involved in the justice system after years of watching youth caught in a revolving door. My aim is to bring a reality to the word rehabilitation and help young people retire from criminal activity and end their involvement with the justice system for good.


amf-9234_bwTerra Buschmann, BA: Psychology

Originally from Saskatchewan, I ventured to Alberta to discover my passion: working with adolescents. After a few years of counselling and mentoring youth, I chose to obtain my BA in Psychology alongside my work. My heart is to see adolescents thrive. Through rapport and relationship, youth need to feel empathy, compassion and authenticity. My ability to show that I understand another’s life, without having experienced it, is a continual goal of mine. Through AMF, I strive to grow as an advocate for change, which assists at-risk youth within our community to adapt, grow and set goals for what is needed within their circumstances. The justice system, in respect to youth, is a place this is needed. Through our team, I am excited to see gaps within this community’s needs filled and youth feeling a positive control over their lives.


Contributing Directors within the Foundations of AMF.

Amber Halpenny

I am born and raised here in Calgary, Alberta. For several years I have worked with youth at-risk and families experiencing homelessness. Throughout my career I have learned the importance of developing and maintaining natural supports and connecting to the community. I joined AMF because I believe our children are our future. I believe the concepts of AMF to be unique and individually based, and I’m excited to be a part of the positive change AMF will create in many young peoples lives.


Leslie Ortlieb

I was born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta; graduating from the University of Lethbridge Addictions Counselling degree program in 2014. After the completion of my post-secondary schooling, in 2014, I moved to Calgary to continue my career working with young offenders and youth who have been involvement with Child and Family Services, specifically through Enviros. I have a deep passion for providing hope, support, respect, integrity and empathy to youth who are continually afflicted by trials, challenges and loss. I look forward to this exciting AMF adventure and the many possibilities that will be created.

Our Board.

— Our board consists of five members from different paths of life —
Co-Chair/Secretary: Nicarla Ellis, BA: Psychology & Criminology
Co-Chair: Terra Buschmann, BA: Psychology
Treasurer: Amber Halpenny, Correctional Studies Diploma & Homeless Population Socialization Certificate
Director: Joseph Neil, BA in progress: Business Administration (Accounting and Finance)
Director: Andrew McAuley, BA in progress: Business Administration (Finance Analysis)



Joseph Neil

I am from the wonderful city of Calgary, and currently in my second year of business at Mount Royal University. My future endeavours are to attain a degree and career within accounting or finance.  I have recently sought to become a part of a justice organization, AMF, due to the different struggles that I have experienced and my resilience through them. Through my journey, I see great value in having an influential mentor. My mentors have been influential in helping me achieve my goals and be the best person I can be! I have wanted to be a part of an organization that: offers mentorship for other young people that have experienced similar challenges to myself, contributes to the strength within our community and will strive to be the best it can be.  I feel AMF offers this.


Andrew McAuley

Born and raised in Calgary Alberta, with family members all across the world. I hope one day to travel the world, learning about cultures, government policies, and capital markets. Currently, I am a student at Mount Royal University. During this time, I have lived life by the motto: “bite off more than you can chew, chew it up, and take another bite”. Striving towards meeting the mission and goals of AMF allows me to do just that, all while promoting positive growth in the Calgary community and creating externalities that benefit society as a whole. I look forward to seeing what the passionate people at AMF, and myself, can accomplish in the future.

The Individual behind AMF Operations.

Mentorship Coordinator: Renita Bartlett

I am originally from Truro, Nova Scotia, but moved from Truro to Halifax in 1996 to attend Saint Mary’s University.  After completing two years there, I enrolled in the Criminal Justice Program and began what would be my destiny for the next 19 years.  I have been working with at risk, marginalized youth for the bulk on the 19 years.  My positions included: Youth Worker at the New Brunswick Youth Centre, Youth Counsellor at the Devereux Foundation in Rutland (Massachusetts), Program Supervisor at a few youth facilities, Program Facilitator with the Spirit Program, and Youth Support Worker with the Mentor Homes Program at Pathways CSA.   My biggest learning from the youth that I have supported over the years is that my best asset is to be able to listen.  “Listen to hear, not listen to fix.”  I adore the work that I do and consider myself a life long learner in the support field.

Who are our Partners?

Pathways Community Service Association



Mother Teresa

"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.
But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop."




Be A Part of AMF.

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